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Base Legal

Privacy Policy

  1. Base Legal requests your personal information in order to respond to your query, and to provide you with legal advice.
  2. Base Legal will request your name and address for the purposes of conducting conflict checks and billing.  Base Legal may also request information about your personal affairs as is necessary for the purpose of providing you with legal services.  In order to provide legal services, I will need to review and consider information that you give to me, so that I can provide you with legal advice and assistance.  The provision of legal services may likely include assessing your information and using the information to form an opinion about your legal circumstances.
  3. The information that you provide to Base Legal is held confidentially and securely.
  4. Your contact information will be retained in my client database for a period of time that reasonably allows me to perform conflict checks on other prospective clients.
  5. Information contained for Base Legal taxation purposes will be retained for five years.
  6. For the purposes of any potential adverse proceedings brought against me in relation to the provision of legal services, I will retain copies of material from your file as would be relevant to any such proceedings for six years.  This includes records of instructions provided by you and advice and documents provided by me.
  7. The Legal Profession Regulations 2005 require Base Legal to retain information regarding client trust accounts, and the holding and transferring of client funds for seven years.  This includes any instructions provided by you to Base Legal in relation to those funds.
  8. In order to comply with the Legal Professional Act 2004 and the Legal Professional Regulations 2005 Base Legal must appoint an external auditor.  Base Legal has appointed Crowe Horwath in this capacity.  Base Legal is required to provide members from the Crowe Horwath team access to information relating to my client trust account.  This may include your contact details, a brief description of the legal services provided and your bank account details.   Crowe Horwath is bound by contract to keep your information confidential.
  9. Base Legal accepts payment by EFT, where you are providing your information directly to the bank.  Payment is also accepted by cheque, which will require me to pass on the information contained in your cheque to the bank.  Payments made by credit card are conducted through PayPal at your request.  In order to issue an invoice through PayPal I am required to include your personal information in the PayPal system.
  10. If it becomes necessary to disclose personal information to a third party for the purpose of providing you legal services, I will contact you and seek your consent prior to doing so.  Base Legal is not likely to disclose your information to an overseas entity.  If it is necessary in the course of providing legal services to you, I will notify you in advance.
  11. Base Legal has referral agreements in place which may require Base Legal to disclose your name to the referrer in order to comply with the referral agreement.

Third parties not a client of Base Legal

  1. Base Legal may obtain your personal information from clients in the course of seeking legal services.  Base Legal will use that information to conduct a conflict check, to ensure that you have not previously been a client.  Your information will then be used and considered to the extent that it is necessary to do so in order to provide legal services to my client.
  2. If you are involved in a matter with a Base Legal client, your name may be used in Base Legal documents and trust records as a descriptor.  E.g. Base Legal Client Mr A – dispute with Mr B (third party).  The Legal Professional Act 2004 and the Legal Professional Regulations 2005 require that client trust account records contain a description of the matter. If your name is used as a descriptor by Base Legal, it will be disclosed to my auditors, Crowe Horwath during trust account audits. Crowe Horwath is bound by agreement to keep information held by Base Legal confidential.

Access, correction and alteration to your information.

  1. You are entitled to seek access to the personal information that Base Legal holds about you at any time.  Please direct your request to me in writing.  My contact details are contained below.
  2. You may also request Base Legal to anonymise or de-identify records containing your information by writing to the email or postal address below.
  3. Similarly, please contact me if your information held by Base Legal is incorrect, incomplete or out of date to request that it be corrected.


  1. If you have a complaint about the way that Base Legal has handled your information please submit your complaint in writing to me.  I may need to seek verification of your identity to deal with your complaint.  I will aim to respond to your complaint within 30 days.
  2. If you are not satisfied with my response you may lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.