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Negotiation tips

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I am sharing this quote as a reflection of Base Legal’s approach to negotiations. The foundation or ‘base’ of my service is to assist clients to navigate the legal system in a down to earth, cost effective way. Here are some tips that I follow in negotiations.

  1. Understand your end game. Define your goal at the beginning and identify what is most important to you. Make a list if it helps to prioritise the importance of the things that will be discussed in the negotiation.  Identify what you are prepared to concede on, and what is a deal-breaker. Identify your monetary limits and understand what you can and cannot afford.
  1. Identify the other person’s end game. Think about what is important them, identify what their priorities might be. Understanding what motivates the other party will assist you to reach common ground early on.
  1. Stay calm. It is a tactic to be aggressive, personal or evoke an emotional response.  It is equally a tactic to ignore such behaviour and take the higher ground.  Have a thick skin and don’t take issue with points if it will not assist in progressing the matter. Anger clouds decision making. There is no benefit in sweating the small stuff when it is not helpful to the end goal.
  1. Be strategic. While I suggest staying calm, by no means should you be a walkover!  But save your points until the point that you need them the most, don’t be reactive to an attack and go in guns blazing as you won’t have any bullets left!

Go forth and conquer!  Good Luck!

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