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Technology law is an area that has expanded and developed over time, exactly like technology has. I first studied technology law in the 90’s, when it basically consisted of looking at cases where celebrities had had their names used by someone else in a domain name, and were then being asked to pay huge sums of money to buy the domain name. I have always been interested in technology but from a legal perspective technology law really encompasses the usual areas of law and applies them to technology. This requires an understanding of several practice areas, mainly copyright, contract law and intellectual property law.

New technology develops at a rapid rate, but unfortunately our law-makers do not necessarily change the legal landscape and the legislation to accommodate the technology. As lawyers this means we need to use old-fashioned legislation and out of date case law, decisions and principles to assist clients with businesses that are using new technology.

One of the biggest technology projects I worked on was when I was a Senior Lawyer with ASIC. The purpose of the project was to create the National Business Names Register.and involved a massive transfer of data, millions of records from state agencies, that all had different technology systems, across to one new platform. That new platform also needed to comply with new legislation and new requirements about registering business names. In addition, privacy law was relevant because the technology is used to collect personal and business information. My role was to work with the developers of the technology and make sure that the platform that was delivered complied with all the relevant pieces of legislation without compromising the functionality, and I totally enjoyed it.

At Base Legal I offer services to all small businesses, but I particularly enjoy working with technology businesses because of the innovation involved. As a lawyer, contract principles are the same for most types of contracts. What is unique to each job is the app & website functionality, the client, the client’s business, client intentions and what they are trying to achieve.

I also work with traditional businesses that are moving to an online space. One of the services that I offer, and that I enjoy, is working closely with clients to figure out a) legally whether what they want can be done, and b) how we go about it. This involves researching different legislation, working through the functionality of the technology and figuring out what can and cant be achieved collaboratively with my clients.

I also understand technology. I operate in the online environment myself and I have grown a client base of software developers, website developers, App developers and clients that are using those services. So, if you are not a developer yourself, the benefit I can bring is that I communicate directly to your developer, talk ‘Tech talk’ get a full technical understanding of your business and understand the way the technology works to hash out any legal issues.

My experiences allows me to share the knowledge that I gain from working in this field, with clients, which means I add the extra value of not just providing legal services but also providing experience and learnings from others, without breaching confidentially of course. I can make suggestions about solutions that I have come across in the past to assist with certain challenges. Given that the technology space progresses much faster than the law, I continually improve my knowledge by attending technology conferences and seminars and follow thought leaders, which allows me to consider how we can work within the current legal environment to allow my clients to create, operate and expand their businesses.

This is why you should choose me for as your technology lawyer.