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Managing your Commercial Lease in COVID-19 times.

March 31, 2020

The Australian Prime Minister has announced a moratorium on evictions as a result of financial distress for six months.  In his media release, the PM stated that tenants and landlords need to sit down and come up with suitable arrangements.  Negotiating to pay what you can, is important as the PM has said that people…

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When must I report a privacy breach?

March 2, 2020

If personal information you hold is accessed, used or disclosed in any unauthorised way, this may be a breach of privacy.  Some breaches must be reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and the people affected.  The obligation to report a privacy breach depends on whether you are bound by the Privacy…

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My customer won’t collect their stuff, can I get rid of it?

February 3, 2020

There is nothing more frustrating than when your customer won’t collect their goods.  This is a common issue facing businesses in the repair industry.  The goods can’t be fixed – so the customer doesn’t turn up to collect them.  What can you do?  You can most likely dispose of the goods, as long as you…

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Selling Your business? Follow my sure-fire first steps -PART ONE

January 3, 2020

Before you start talking to potential purchasers, you need to have a plan in place to help with negotiations and drafting a contract. 1.Your business structure There are a number of structures that can be used to run a business, and how you sell the business depends upon your structure.  You need to understand what…

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Business Partnerships…what you need to know

December 2, 2019

So you’re thinking of going into business with someone, how exciting!  You know how profits should be split, and you know you need documents sorted, but what else is there?  Here are the top 10 things that should be included in any partnership agreement, in addition to your profit split. 1.  Outgoings and losses In…

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What to do when someone steals your copyright

October 13, 2019

The wonderful world wide web poses many problems for creatives, when people use your work without your consent.  Engaging a lawyer can also be expensive.  Here the tips I give to creatives who suspect that their copyright has been stolen. 1.  Check yourself Before you shoot of an angry message to the suspect, I recommend…

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Is your referral arrangement legal?

September 2, 2019

I am seeing more business collaborations than even before.  Businesses with a niche are coming together and forming collaboratively offerings e.g. yoga and travel, budgeting and healthy eating, legal and technology.  Business owners are coming together in a variety of ways, through formal or informal partnerships, referral arrangements and profit sharing. I hate to burst…

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“I don’t want to be responsible for …”

August 5, 2019

I often hear these words from clients, and potential clients when talking about business models and terms and conditions and using disclaimers.  It is understandable to want to protect your legal exposure and avoid ‘being sued’.  But here’s something you should know.  YOU CAN’T STOP SOMEONE FROM SUING YOU.  What?  Isn’t that what you pay…

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4 reasons why a lawyer needs to review that contract…before you sign it

July 20, 2019

Put the pen down! Are you sure that contract sets out your arrangement appropriately and minimises your risks? Before you sign on the dotted line, you should seek legal advice about the contract for the following key reasons. 1. The contract must be valid There are key elements that must exist in a document to…

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Start-up advice

April 1, 2019

Thinking about starting your own business but not sure where to start?  I am here to help! Having worked with a lot of start-ups in a variety of businesses, I have developed the following framework based on what I have seen go wrong for others. Budget right! The best things in life are free right? …

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