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Legal Services

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My reliable legal services ensure fairness for small businesses. My online legal service is committed to providing better access to legal advisory services for businesses. Whether it’s new business legal services or other legal matters I offer affordable legal services to those who need it most.

Base Legal offers specialised and tailored legal advice, assistance, and representation to small and medium businesses that is practical, down to earth and at an affordable price.

Legal Services


e-busniess legal services

There are unique aspects to online businesses and mobile device apps. Your business operates 24 hours, 7 days a week and is accessible to the entire world. In addition to having the right structure and complying with the law, you need to ensure that you protect your business, your intellectual property, your systems and your clients! You operate in a highly exposed environment without boundaries. With little or no personal interaction with clients or customers, the way you communicate through your website is E-ssential!

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Specific services provided to e-commerce businesses include:

  • Website & App User Agreements: from $495.00
  • E-Store Terms and Conditions: from $495.00
  • Stockists / Supplier Agreements: from $660.00
  • Privacy Polices: from $385.00
  • Refund Polices: $250
  • Legal Disclaimers: from $385.00
  • Affiliate Agreements: from $495.00

Small Business

small business legal services

It is important to ensure that you have the right protections around your business, that you know the risks that you are exposed to and that you understand your rights and obligations. As a small business operator you have a myriad of laws to comply with and relationships to manage. The best way to avoid an issue or dispute arising is to document your arrangements with others.  I am here to represent your interests, and assist you with your needs.

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Services to small business include:

  • Legal advice consultation: from $99.00
  • Review and advise on contracts: from $385.00
  • Drafting commercial agreements (eg. distribution agreements, consultant agreements): from $660
  • Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements: from $495
  • Employment letter of engagement where award applies: $495
  • Employment / Contractor Agreements: from $660
  • Review and advise on Franchise Agreements and Information
  • Statements: from $1,500
  • Payment Terms: from $385
  • Terms and Conditions: from $990
  • Dissolution of Partnership Agreements: from $450
  • Representation in negotiations: from $350
  • Review and Advise on lease agreements: from $495
  • Referral agreements: from $660

New Business

new busniess legal services

In order to succeed, you need to know your business and ensure that you have the right structure, and framework to protect you.  You also want to ensure that you implement best practices from day one because when you grow – it will happen quickly!  When you do grow, you can rest assured that you are ready; that you will be complying with the law and that you have the right documentation in place.

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Services to Start-ups include:

  • Legal Advice consultation: from $99.00
  • Drafting shareholders Agreement: from $990
  • Drafting Company Constitution: from $990
  • Drafting Partnership Agreement: from $660
  • Review and Advise on lease agreements: from $495
  • Review and advise on Franchise Agreements and Information Statements: from $1,500