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Archive for April 2016

Copyright and content marketing – information has never been more freely available than right now, so how do you make the most of this opportunity without infringing copyright?

The internet has provided a new avenue to share information, especially for creative works.  We now have a worldwide platform to spruik our wares, educate others and promote our businesses.  On the flipside, there is now more pressure to create content.  We need to populate our websites, social media pages and blogs and of course…

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How to avoid being a SPAMMER

I am getting SPAMMED.  For over one year I have been receiving emails from an overseas on-line store.  I can’t unsubscribe.  I can’t contact the company.  I can’t make it stop.  Sending SPAM messages can lead to large penalties but mostly it’s bad for business – because it’s annoying!  SPAM laws apply to electronic messages,…

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Running a competition – legally

You!  For taking the time to understand your obligations when running a competition. I am often asked questions about the laws that apply to running competitions.  Which is great, because the majority of competitions that I see offered by small business, especially on social media don’t comply with the laws.  What laws you ask? Well…

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